Fumigation and tenting is an effective pest control treatment for termites.

This long-term solution helps your home protect itself for years.

Dry wood termites live within the wood structures of your home. Because of this, treatments such as termiticides into the soil aren’t very effective. It may be possible to inject these chemicals into the wood, but only for infestations that aren’t very advanced.

What Happens During the Fumigation Process?

Before your home can receive fumigation service, it must be tented so that the fumigant remains contained in high concentrations. One of our trained pest control professionals will fit the tent once it is cleared of all people and/or pets. After the tent is secured, the fumigant will be distributed throughout the home, eventually making its way to termite dwellings and tunnels. When termites breathe in this chemical, it reduces their oxygen levels to an unsurvivable point. After the fumigate circulates within the home for X hours, we remove the tent from the structure to allow the fumigant to naturally disseminate into the air.

It does take time for enough fumigant to disappear before we allow humans and pets to re-enter the home. Depending on the home’s size and the amount of fumigant used (as well as potentially the weather), this usually takes X hours. All structures are different, so we will always test all rooms to be sure they are safe.

How Safe & Effective is Fumigation?

While fumigation is very effective for treating existing drywood termite infestations, it’s important to note that it doesn’t prevent potential future occurrences of the pests. However, we can recommend some simple maintenance steps to make it more difficult for the termites to re-infest your home in the future. We do not perform termite inspections but do advise regular ones to catch termite issues before they escalate.

Regarding safety, our professional pest control experts are highly trained and certified on all equipment and chemicals we use during the fumigation process. By testing all areas of the home after the treatment, we ensure that the home is safe from any remaining fumigant that could potentially be ingested by humans or pets.

Local Fumigation Services from Southern Fumigation & Pest Control

Fumigation has been a proven effective treatment for drywood termites for over 50 years. At Southern Fumigation & Pest Control, we remain committed to staying abreast of the latest techniques and treatments for all household pests. We assess your unique home and infestation to be sure we utilize the appropriate solution. Our fumigation services are safe, fast, and effective. If you have a drywood termite issue in your home, we are happy to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.