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The silent destroyers lurking beneath the surface, gnawing away at the foundation of your dreams. In Northeast Florida, from Jacksonville to Gainesville, these voracious insects pose a constant threat to homes and businesses. But fear not! Southern Fumigation is here to be your shield against these unwelcome guests, offering comprehensive termite control solutions to protect your investment and peace of mind.

Understanding the Termite Threat:

  • Always Hungry:

    Termites never sleep, constantly consuming wood 24/7. Even a small colony can cause significant damage over time.

  • Hidden Danger:

    Operating largely unseen, termite infestations can go unnoticed for years, leading to extensive structural damage before discovery.

  • Financial Risk:

    Repairing termite damage can be costly, impacting your property value and financial stability.

Tailored Termite Control for Your Northeast Florida Home

At Southern Fumigation, we understand that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to termite control. That's why we offer a range of treatments, specifically designed to tackle the unique termite challenges faced in Northeast Florida

  • Subterranean Termite Treatments:

    Our effective barrier treatments create a protective zone around your home, preventing subterranean termites from entering.

  • Termite Bait Stations:

    This eco-friendly option uses strategically placed stations to attract and eliminate termite colonies with minimal disruption.

  • Formosan Termite Treatments:

    We have specialized solutions for these aggressive and destructive termites, often requiring a combination of approaches.

  • Drywood Termite Treatment:

    We utilize targeted methods to eliminate drywood termites hidden within your home's wooden structures.

  • southern fumigation owner checking a wall for termites
  • southern fumigation owner checking a wall for termites
  • southern fumigation tech treating a the parimeter of a house for termites
  • southern fumigation tech spraying along the side of a house

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