When pests see us coming, they always go running.

We provide safe and effective pest control services for all household pests.

At Southern Fumigation & Pest Control, we have over 35 years of experience treating and preventing pest issues in northern Florida. Our highly trained technicians are well-versed in all household pests, treatment options and safety. From fumigation to fly baiting and all treatments in between, we are the local experts in pest control and maintenance. We would love to help you get and keep your home pest-free, so contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Our Services

Fumigation & Tenting

Reaching invisible or hiding pests can be solved with fumigation and tenting. From termites to bed bugs, sometimes it’s the most effective solutions. Read more about our fumigation pest services.


Termites are on a mission. It’s called “Operation Munch”. You can’t ignore termites and the damage they cause. You’ve got to move quickly, but move smart. Learn more about our termite pest control solutions.


Cockroaches carry food-poisoning organisms on the sticky pads of their “feet” as they crawl over exposed foods and food preparation surfaces in restaurants, homes, and other places. Read more about our pest control for cockroaches.


Rats really are one of the most troublesome pests in the US. They consume and contaminate food and food products, damage structures and property, transmit parasites and diseases to other animals and humans. Learn more about our rodent pest solutions.

Pantry Pests

Pantry pests take up residence inside food storage areas of your home. Once you identify a pantry pest, you need to seek professional pest control to rid your home of these snack invading bugs.


Flies vomit and defecate when they land on food before consuming it. Gross. They have a short lifespan, but reproduce rapidly and have the potential to carry diseases. Read more about our pest solutions for flies.