If you see them, you’ve got a problem.

Professional roach pest control is the only solution.

Roaches tend to be fast and prefer dark, damp places. So, you might not notice a potential issue until it’s already escalated. In general, keeping a clean home (and especially kitchen) is the best defense from roaches entering the structure. However, if found with an infestation, it’s important to let a professional identify which type of roach you have to best recommend a solution.

American Cockroach

American cockroaches made their way, like many pests, to America hundreds of years ago on ships from other continents, mainly Africa. Since then, they’ve plagued American households and maintain their status as the largest roach to infest homes. American cockroaches are usually a reddish-brown color, with a signature “8” marking on their backs. While equipped with wings, these roaches can only fly for short bursts at a time. Typically the insects live outside, but they often find their way to sewers and even homes if they run out of food elsewhere. They may use sewer lines to reach the inside or can potentially enter from other methods.

Of course, spotting an American cockroach in your home is a telltale sign of an issue. However, other signs may be present as well. Droppings left behind or even egg capsules can signify a roach infestation even if you haven’t seen any adults.

Brown-Banded Cockroach

Originally from Cuba, brown-banded cockroaches found their way into the U.S. via Florida ports over 100 years ago. Since then, they migrated throughout the country, but maintain a strong presence in Florida as well. The brown color of these roaches and the two lighter bands they each display make them incredibly camouflaged among wooden furniture. This is great for them, as these pests often hide behind furniture, picture frames, and cabinets.

Because of their quick reproduction process, if you spot a brown-banded cockroach in your home, you may quickly (if not already) have a huge problem. Prompt action is needed to rid your home of these pests.

Florida Woods Cockroach

Florida woods cockroaches are also called palmetto bugs, and they inhabit all of the Southwest U.S. They generally stay in external structures like sheds and greenhouses. They prefer to feast on decaying matter like moss and mold rather than human food. However, it isn’t unheard of for them to make it inside, especially if sheltering in something transported like firewood. Unlike other roaches, these are slow-moving. You are more likely to find them in uninhabited areas of your home, like the attic. Florida woods cockroaches leave large droppings behind them, which are easily distinguishable from other breeds.

A Pest Control Professional is your best option

Because of their resiliency, cockroaches are one of the most difficult pests for homeowners to rid themselves of without help. Each type of roach lives and behaves differently, so a pest control expert can better help identify which type has made a home out of yours and generate a custom action. At Southern Fumigation and Pest Control, we tailor our elimination plans to your home and your infestation. We will provide a solution that is equally fast and effective long-term. If you suspect a roach problem in your home, give us a call at (904) 259-9811.